PT. Banjar Baru Sentosa Raya is a leading manufacturer of plastic houseware (plasticware) in Indonesia. Located in Surabaya, the second biggest city of Indonesia, PT. Banjar Baru Sentosa Raya manufactures a wide range of products, like basins, baskets, baths, bottles, bowls, canisters, cases, cups, dustbins, dustpans, filters, food containers, funnels, glasses, lids, hangers, moulds, pails, pins, plates, scoops, spatulas, spoons, trays, tumblers, etc.

The business started in 1970 from a small plastic houseware retailer at Pasar Turi, Surabaya, the second biggest city in Indonesia. This long experience is priceless.

The joining of the second generation in business in 1987 accelerated the business growth, which then led to a dream... becoming a plastic houseware manufacturer. The dream came true in 1993, where the first plastic houseware factory was built. Located in Waru, Sidoarjo, many kinds of houseware are produced: from basins to dustbins, from hangers to canisters.

In 2000, as the world was entering a new millenium, PT. Banjar Baru Sentosa Raya built a new factory in the industrial area of Tandes, Surabaya. With continuous research and development backup, PT. Banjar Baru Sentosa Raya is committed to keeping the value to price ratio as high as possible for all products.

Now, though the first store has gone as the fire razed Pasar Turi in 2007, with a solid marketing network countrywide PT. Banjar Baru Sentosa Raya has no difficulties in developing the business to fulfill the market needs.